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Assignment Structure

You receive a ready-made framework and plan for your dissertation, making it easier for you to start and complete your assignment.

Assignment Structure

How much:

£175 per assignment.

How long:

Within 12 – 36 hours.


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Assignment Structure

A step-by-step roadmap for completing you assignment, responding directly to your assignment brief.

What You Can Expect

Consideration of your Assignment Requirements

The Academic Supervisor will analyse and consider your assignment brief (e.g. essay question) and disaggregate its requirements. Breaking your assignment requirements down into constituent parts facilitates a logical response, ensuring the Assignment Structure directly responds to the assignment.


Areas of Focus

The Assignment Structure is a road map to guide your completion of the assignment – we do not engage in research on your behalf. Areas where you need to provide dedicated focus (such as areas where you need to demonstrate your reading, support with evidence, or data specific to your module and/or assignment) will be clearly planned out for you. However, it remains up to you to complete that research or analysis.


A Step by Step Roadmap

Having considered the assignment brief, word count and other assignment requirements, we will draft your bespoke Assignment Structure sheet. This will offer you a step-by-step road map for completing your assignment. Each section will have a recommended word count and focus. Breaking the assignment down into smaller, more manageable elements will facilitate your focus, helping you to complete the assignment one step at a time.

Subject-Matter Expertise

Your Academic Supervisor will have subject matter expertise regarding your assignment topic. They want to help you as much as possible, but within the parameters of beneficial academic tuition and academic integrity. Remember, you are ultimately responsibility for your assignment. Your Academic Supervisor will endeavour to provide hints, suggestions or reference to sources wherever possible. These, like the Assignment Structure document as a whole, should be considered as guidance and recommendations only.

Any order you place for Assignment Structure shall be returned to you completed to an excellent standard. Our focus is to support your learning and to help you achieve your goals. We want you to win.


The OAS Standards represent the objective measure by which we deem your document ready to be returned to you.


They are developed and reviewed in collaboration with our partners at the Office for Academic Integrity, and informed by academic research.


In the rare event of a dispute, the following OAS Standards shall be consulted.



Quality Control Theme

Minimum Standard

Clarity of Structure

A Clear and Easy-to-Follow Structure

Assignment Requirements

Evidence of Following Specific Requirements of the Assignment Brief

Logical Connection between Sections

Evidence of Logical Connection between Assignment Structure Sections

Highlighting Areas of Student Focus

Clear Emphasis on Areas where Student Must Conduct Research/Apply Data

Adherence to Client Instructions

Evidence that Reasonable Client Instructions have been Followed


Please note: the OAS Standards are specific to each Service Type. The Assignment Structure document you receive will meet the above standards, clearly and logically responding to your assignment brief. However, you recognise that an assignment can be structured in many different ways. This is especially true as, during the course of your reading and research, you discover new information or perspectives towards the subject. Accordingly, the Assignment Structure sheet should be treated as a form of guidance document, not an inflexible list of requirements.


To support student progression in a logical and progressive manner, the research-informed OAS Student Pathway™ can help you identify what phase of academic work you are currently in.

The Office for Academic Support leads the way when it comes to editorial standards. Our Academic Editors range from PhD and post-doc researchers to retired professors and published authors.


All OAS Academic Editors must regularly complete proprietary Quality Assurance Assessments.


This rigorous approach to quality ensures that the OAS Standards are always met, and that the quality of our editorial and tutorial work is constantly reinforced.


Despite these safeguards, the Office for Academic Support also implements a peer review system. At the discretion of the Quality Control (QC) team, the document you submit is liable to be checked and reviewed by a second, more senior academic.


This not only gives your document the benefit of a second review, but it also enables our more senior academics to audit and train other academics.


This peer review system forms an integral part of our Quality Control system, providing training opportunities throughout our network of academics, whilst concurrently providing clients with a double-blind review of their work, thereby enhancing quality.

How This Adds Value

A Structured Road Map

The Assignment Structure service provides learners with a logical, clear and structured approach to completing their assignment brief. Like a road map, each section in the Assignment Structure can be considered as a waypoint on the journey towards completion. This provides clarity, confidence and assurance.

Responding to the Assignment

Students often share their uncertainty and anxiety with us regarding whether they are actually responding to the assignment brief, or whether they have digressed. The Assignment Structure service analyses the requirements of the assignment brief – understanding exactly what is expected – and developed a logical plan based on that.

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Total Price £ 175

You are viewing the Service Details page for Assignment Structure. This is often the first stage (prior to your reading and Literature Review) when starting your assignment (for summative assessment) or manuscript (for peer review/publication).


The Office for Academic Support has conducted extensive research into the needs and progression of students and scholars. We have developed the OAS Student Pathway™ - a proprietary framework distinguishing the different stages in the ambitious student’s journey.


Each stage of the OAS Student Pathway™ focuses on the assignment requirements and learning goals of that specific phase. Clients who follow the OAS Student Pathway™ report a more effective learning journey, greater confidence in future academic assignments, an uplift in their final summative grades.


You can find out more about the OAS Student Pathway™ here.

The Office for Academic Support aims to help our clients move forward. That’s why we established out mission as Turning Students Into Scholars®.


We want to support clients who are ambitious to be published – whether to begin their career as an Early Career Researcher or to simply strengthen their CV. We provide opportunities for clients who have submitted theoretical or empirical papers to submit their manuscripts for peer review.



Please view the OAS Scholars Pathway™ here for more details.

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