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Expert guidance and support throughout your PhD application journey.

How long? Usually within 12-48 hours.

How much? £40 per thousand words.

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Service Introduction

You will be provided with comprehensive feedback on your application for PhD, MPhil or MRes. Our academics will focus their feedback on helping you to create a convincing and compelling research proposal. Feedback will be provided covering your assignment structure, critical engagement with source materials, and the logic of your argument.

We mark changes to your draft text using a combination of tracked changes and feedback from our academics will be provided as notes (comments) within your document, a feedback document for you to read, or a combination of both. All corrections and edits are made for you, highlighted for your convenience and comparison with your original draft. The Office for Academic Support will provide feedback on:

  • Structure and Project Plan
  • Critical Engagement
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Bibliographic References
  • Knowledge Generation
  • Recommended Improvements
  • Comprehensive Proofreading

Our PhD Application service also includes a thorough search of UK higher education to find the most ideal higher education institution conducive for your research to blossom. We shall draw up a shortlist of potential PhD supervisors who may be willing to support your research project, and contact them on your behalf to negotiate your academic supervision. You are kept up to date on progress throughout the entire process, via your personal Academic Consultant.

Quality Guarantee

The Office for Academic Support is an inter-university organisation of academic and teaching professionals. Your success is very important to us, and we want you to have confidence in our quality and professionalism. We take this very seriously. Failure is not an option.

No-Risk Refund

If your returned order fails to meet any of the required Service Standards, the Office for Academic Support will refund you the value of your order without question . We will also make the necessary corrections in the offending document at no extra cost.

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