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CV Editing

A comprehensive, impact-driven CV. Your essential weapon in any recruitment battle.

CV Editing

How much:

£65 per CV.

How long:

Usually within 8 – 24 hours.


Good Availability


Curriculum Vitae

We shine the spotlight on your impact and progression.

What You Can Expect

Active Language

We seek out opportunities to demonstrate your capabilities and unique personality by using active, assertive language. Our aim is to make you stand out from the ever-growing pool of competitors by making direct, clear and strong statements.


Vocabulary and Construction

We know this application is important to you. We will endeavour to put the right words in the right order, aiming to deliver your intended premise sharply and with clarity. Our academics will help you to express your past experiences using clear, articulate English.


Measuring Impact

Wherever possible, our applications specialist will seek to not only describe what you have done, but the impact or contribution that your action has had. Identifying and measuring impact is a crucial trait which employers are looking for. Based on the information you provide us, we will endeavour to give you this advantage.

Strong and Confident

Our applications specialists will deeply consider your experiences, strengths and weaknesses. We shall also research your target application – whether it is a University programme or employment. Then, we shall draft an comprehensive CV, emphasising the experiences which demonstrate how and why you are the ideal candidate.

Any Curriculum Vitae order shall be handled and processed to an excellent standard. You shall receive a machine-readable draft based on the information you have provided to us. This draft will seek to maximise the value of your experiences and qualifications, within the context of your target.


The OAS Standards represent the objective measure by which we deem your document ready to be returned to you.


They are developed and reviewed in collaboration with our partners at the Office for Academic Integrity, and informed by academic research.


In the rare event of a dispute, the following OAS Standards shall be consulted.



Quality Control Theme

Minimum Standard

Spelling, Grammar & Typography

Zero Errors

Advanced Sentence Construction

Evidence of Advanced Sentence Construction

Emphasis of Suitability

Evidence of Applicant Suitability

Emphasis of Strengths

Evidence of Applicant Strengths


An Original, Bsepoke Draft

Adherence to Client Instructions

Evidence that Reasonable Client Instructions have been Followed


Please note: the OAS Standards are specific to each Service Type.


To support applicant progression in a logical and progressive manner, the research-informed OAS Advance Pathway™ can help you identify what phase of your application journey you are currently in.

The Office for Academic Support leads the way when it comes to editorial standards. Our Academic Editors range from PhD and post-doc researchers to retired professors and published authors. Our Applications Specialists have supported clients obtain employment positions in companies such as Huawei, ZTE and the British Museum, and academic programme positions in institutions such as the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics (LSE) and Imperial College London.


All OAS Editors must regularly complete proprietary Quality Assurance Assessments.


This rigorous approach to quality ensures that the OAS Standards are always met, and that the quality of our editorial and tutorial work is constantly reinforced.


Despite these safeguards, the Office for Academic Support also implements a peer review system. At the discretion of the Quality Control (QC) team, the document you submit is liable to be checked and reviewed by a second, more senior applications expert.


This not only gives your document the benefit of a second review, but it also enables our more senior applications specialists to audit and train other editors.


This peer review system forms an integral part of our Quality Control system, providing training opportunities throughout our network of academics, whilst concurrently providing clients with a double-blind review of their work, thereby enhancing quality.

How This Adds Value

Active, Assertive, Persuasive

The majority of CVs – such as those of your competitors – will be passive in tone, with a tendency to list things they have done, emphasise their accomplishments. The OAS Curriculum Vitae service will go further to differentiate you. An active, assertive and persuasive voice ensures the locus of energy remains in the present, whilst emphasising your forward-looking and future-facing ambitions.

The Best Version of You

Our experienced applications editors benefit from their years of experience working with university admissions teams, private and third sector recruiters. Accordingly, they can craft your Curriculum Vitae with a holistic perspective – understanding how your story shall be received by the admissions team or recruiter. Building on the information you provide, this enables the Applications Editor to present the best version of you, ensuring your relevance to the programme or position being applied to.

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Total Price £ 65

You are viewing the Service Details page for Curriculum Vitae (CV). However, this is likely to be supported by your Personal Statement.


The Office for Academic Support has conducted extensive research into the processes, concerns and expectations of recruiters and university admissions teams. We have developed the OAS Advance Pathway™ - a proprietary framework distinguishing the different stages in the journey of ambitious and upwardly mobile individuals.


Each stage of the OAS Advance Pathway™ focuses on the needs and expectations of that specific phase. Clients who follow the OAS Advance Pathway™ report greater levels of applicatio success (job offers, conditional and unconditional offers) and greater confidence during interviews.


You can find out more about the OAS Advance Pathway™ here.