Business Plan Editing

Whether you need a brand new Business Plan or need to refine and improve your current draft, this service will turn your concept into a strategic, structured and professional plan.

How long? Usually 1 week

How much? £350 – £700

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Total Price £ 350

Service Standards

You will receive a structured formatted and presentable Business Plan.

The Business Plan will contain an Executive Summary Rationale and Objectives.

The Business Plan will detail Ownership Structure Brand Positioning and Timing.

The Business Plan will contain an assessment of the Target Market.

The Business Plan will articulate your Value Proposition and Business Development Strategy.

The Business Plan will include Financial Forecast data (provided by you)

Quality Guarantee

The Office for Academic Support is an inter-university organisation of academic and teaching professionals. Your success is very important to us, and we want you to have confidence in our quality and professionalism. We take this very seriously. Failure is not an option.

No-Risk Refund

If your returned order fails to meet any of the required Service Standards, the Office for Academic Support will refund you the value of your order without question . We will also make the necessary corrections in the offending document at no extra cost.

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