Agent Collaboration Programme

The Office for Academic Support

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Agent Collaboration Programme

The Office for Academic Support
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Programme Overview

The OAS Agent Collaboration programme enables your firm to conveniently outsource demand for academic support services to a quality-assured, inter-university organisation.

Staffed by over 300 native British academics, scholars, researchers and retired professors, you’ll be working with the same quality-assured staff who create university assignments and grade them.

The Office for Academic Support is a premium academic support network in the pursuit of excellence.

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Native British Inter-University Network

The Office for Academic Support is an inter-university network of academic supervisors, teachers, research-active staff, retired professors and application and recruitment specialist. Our network is over 300 strong, made up of the same staff who create and grade university assignments. Our strategy of ensuring we work only with these people guarantees that OAS can provide market-leading competitive advantage and the highest possible quality. To be the best, you must use the best.

Advanced Document Management System

The Office for Academic Support boasts a highly-efficient document management system. Handling thousands of client and agent documents daily, the OAS proprietary system ensures that your customer orders are processed, completed and returned in market-leading record time. This system is efficient and fail-safe: super-fast order completion times result in higher customer satisfaction and increased brand reputation. If academic deadlines are critical to your customers, then that means they are critical to us.

Quality Assurance Refund Policy

Building brand reputation takes time, effort and constant attention. For services such as academic support, where the customer can only determine quality after the purchase, it is important that we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining standards of excellence. We therefore provide a no-risk Quality Assurance Refund Policy: if a document is returned without meeting our strict Service Standards, we will refund the value of the document in credit and fix the errors at no extra cost. Be risk free.

Time-Critical Error Resolution

We work with thousands of international university students every month with strict departmental deadlines. If any mistakes should happen, there is limited time to fix them before the departmental assessment deadline passes. Failure is not an option. Our Rapid Error Report is designed as an emergency response to enable rapid resolution of document errors. Dedicated academics will literally stop what they are doing to respond to client Error Reports as if it was an emergency surgery.


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Client Satisfaction

Advantages and Benefits

The Office for Academic Support is a premium academic support network in the pursuit of excellence. Reduce costs, earn commission, increase profits and grow your brand. We're here for you.

No More Staff Labour Costs

Using the OAS professional network means you don't have to recruit, manage and pay staff.
Remove Your Logistics Costs

Our highly efficient document management system manages document collection and return to you or direct to client.
No More Quality Issues

The OAS guarantees market-leading quality and academic excellence. If debates should happen, we handle them for you.
Earn Commission Payments

We pay you 10% of the sale value on any order received from your Agent Portal.
Set Your Own Prices

You know your customers best. You are free to charge a higher price and keep the difference.
Focus On Your Brand

Now that we've got your back, you can advance and develop your brand with confidence. We help you thrive.

How do you want to handle your clients' documents?

I want my company to manually return completed client documents.

Log in to your user account on the Academic Support website. When placing an order on behalf of your client, make sure you enter your company email address in the Client Email field. This is where the document will be completed returned to. From there, check your inbox to collect your client’s document and manually return it to them according to your own company processes. Remember, your orders can also be downloaded in the “My Documents” section of your user account.

I want you to automatically return completed documents directly to the clients.

This option is great for efficiency. Simply refer your clients to your Agent Portal. Your clients will complete the Service Order Form and provide their own email address. We will return the completed document directly to the client’s email address. The client can also log in to their user account to download their document in the “My Documents” section.

How do you want to handle your pricing and billing?

I want my clients to pay me directly. Is it possible?

Of course. You manage your relationship with your clients, we manage quality and logistics. You can receive funds directly from your clients just as normal. Once you have received your client’s document, your staff can manually send it to the Office for Academic Support via your user account. Simply log in and access your Agent Portal pages as normal. You will still receive the 10% commission fee for any orders made via your Agent Portal.

I want to charge my clients a higher price than the OAS minimum. Is this a problem?

No problem at all. If you want to charge a higher price, we recommend you make arrangements with your customer so they pay you directly. Then, your agent staff can place the order via your OAS user account. The difference in the price is yours to keep - congratulations!
For example: The OAS minimum price for Proofreading is £20 per thousand words. You have customers who are willing to pay £35. Therefore, charge your customers £35. Submit your customer’s document for Proofreading via your OAS user account and pay the £20. The £15 is yours to keep. We can still return the client document directly to them, or you can receive the completed document from us for manual agent-led returns. The choice is yours.
Don’t forget, you will still receive 10% commission of the total order price. We want your company to grow.

Client-Led Ordering

Send your clients to your branded OAS Agent Portal

Your client will place an order and pay the OAS fee to us

Completed documents are returned directly to the client

You get paid 10% of the sale value as a referral fee

Agent-Led Ordering

You handle client documents and orders via your own website

Your client will place an order and pay your fee directly to you

Your staff manually upload your client's document on your OAS Portal

Completed documents can be returned to you or to your client

You get paid 10% of the sale value as a commission fee

Everything you need to start and grow your academic support business. Right here, right now.

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